(Updted) Coming soon: WP 4 Online course aimed at building the capacities related to the internationalization of the academic staff of the PONCHO partners



This course has been developed by putting special emphasis on needs of universities’ academic staff relating to internationalization.

The main objectives of the online training course include:

  • to increase the capacity of universities to develop internationalization
  • to develop skills and competence of universities’ staff in internationalization process, and in preparing competitive international projects
  • to broaden knowledge and know-how of European universities by transferring this knowledge to Latin American peripheral universities,
  • to integrate Latin American peripheral universities into international good practices,
  • to enhance functioning of International Relations Offices of partner universities.


The course is composed of three thematic modules, i.e.

  1. Internationalization strategies at a higher education institution
  2. Management and Quality of a project
  3. Webquest as an example of internationalized shaping of students’ skills in using modern technologies

Each module is accompanied by proper training materials, available on Moodle Platform to be downloaded and adapted by participants to its own academic community, based on its reality and needs.

Although course materials have been designed for various academic communities, including teachers and researchers, staff of International Relations Offices, administrative staff, this edition is oriented to academic staff (teachers and researchers).

The course includes a forum which has been designed specifically for partner universities in order to exchange knowledge and good practices.



In order to certify this course, each course participant must take a self-evaluation test to check their knowledge after participating in the course.

This course has an academic workload of 20 hours.


Number of participants

Each Latin-American partner should select, at least, a teacher or researcher in order to attend the course. This person should have an intermediate English level, mainly reading and writing and interest on internationalizing his/her academic activity (mobility, international research funding, etc.).

The Latin-American partners should send their list of participants to poncho@ulpgc.es not later than 14th March, 2019, with the following data:

  • Name / surname
  • Passport / ID number (in order to certify)
  • Academic position
  • Email address



Materials of the course are mainly in English. Interaction with teachers will be in English too.



This course will follow, eminently, an asynchronous methodology. Although the interaction between teachers and participants is highly recommended and it will be encouraged in the online forum tool, participants can study the materials according to their own pace of work, while the course is available.



The course will start at 25th March, 2019, and it will be open until 30th April, 2019.

All the materials and the evaluation test will be available online during this period.


Course academic coordination

Ana Kaminska and Agnieszka Bygar – Jan Kochanowski University