Online Course WP4

25 March, 2019 – 30 April, 2019 all-day

This course has been developed by putting special emphasis on needs of universities’ academic staff relating to internationalization.

The main objectives of the online training course include:

  • to increase the capacity of universities to develop internationalization
  • to develop skills and competence of universities’ staff in internationalization process, and in preparing competitive international projects
  • to broaden knowledge and know-how of European universities by transferring this knowledge to Latin American peripheral universities,
  • to integrate Latin American peripheral universities into international good practices,
  • to enhance functioning of International Relations Offices of partner universities.


The course is composed of three thematic modules, i.e.

  1. Internationalization strategies at a higher education institution
  2. Management and Quality of a project
  3. Webquest as an example of internationalized shaping of students’ skills in using modern technologies