Practical Training at Université Bretagne Sud – France (4 to 8 December 2017)

In accordance to WP3, the Université Bretagne Sud received staff from Latin American
partners for a practical training which took place in Lorient from the 4 to the 8 December

During the first two days the training was planned to contribute to a better understanding of
what Internationalization means in French and European higher education institutions.
And during the rest of the week, since UBS was hosting its 6th edition of International Days,
the 6 PONCHO participants also joined the activities organized for the 44 participants of 32
Higher education Institutions from 19 countries.
Topics such as curriculum and research internationalization, international development and
professionalization, digital tools at the service of internationalization were discussed, with a
focus on Maghreb and an international fair. All activities are considered as practical training,
on networking, on exchange of best practices, on various international cooperation tools, on
how to promote its Institution to foreign academic staff and students and of course on
linguistic and inter-cultural improvement.