PONCHO – Internationalization of Latin American peripheral Universities through sustainable integration and inclusive implementation of International Relations Offices

The main objective of the PONCHO project is to encourage the process of internationalization of Latin American Universities partners in the project, with special focus on the Universities of peripheral areas of the region, whose geographical position or the volume of students have not allow them to develop their internationalization process in the same way as capital universities or major universities in the region.

Specific objectives of the project  will foster the reinforcement of national, regional and international cohesion and networking in the Internationalization of LA partner HEIs, the implementation of the technical management capacities of the International Relations offices/areas of LA Partner HEIs, the Academic capacity building and implementation of the participation and involvement of University Communities of LA Partner HEIs in the Internationalization process and finally the enhancement of Institutional internationalization strategies for the international recognition and positioning of Latin America partner HEIs.